Everything does not depend on the photographer’s equipment…

In the Nikon D800 brochure the magnificent nature photographer Jim Brandeburg says:

”To me, cameras are more like paintbrushes than technology. The goal is not megapixels or technique but the image, and while camera models are important, they are not the be-all or end-all. But after a lifetime using  countless cameras, Ihave found a new best friend. It was not love at first sight. The sharpness and detail were initially intimidating, exposing my flaws like never before. Subtle camera movements showed and differences of acuity between aperture choices on various lenses were apparent. But now I am enthralled with this technology. Why? Because the images almost feel as though they were made with a 4×5 view camera! Special features like timelapse photography and the improved HD video quality and flexibility also add tremendously to the camera’s personality. After spending a month with the D800, I’ll never be the same again. Perhaps the best compliment I can express is that now I will think differently about the images I make.”

Now it just so happens it’s not the equipment that makes the photographer. It can’t be, can it…?
Moreover, he is naturally bought. I wish I was the same … 😉

finger fingerprint fingeravtryck

Yes please…
1 February 2012

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